How it works?

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Contact and tell us about your experience


First step is contact with us - You can call us , text us or use  formular on website. You can also send direct message on our Facebook or Instagram profile. You are sure that we will reply as soon as possible to all form of contacts.  

Tell us about your experience and needs. We need to know how many hours you will need. We will reply to your inquires and support you during cooperation with us. 

We will arrange short check-ride flight before your first solo rental. 

At a convenient time for you, we will take a short familiarization and checking flight to check your pilot skills and familiarize you with important technical issues about plane and traffic pattern at our local airfield. This flight is always logged as your PIC time! 


After a positive control flight, you can immediately fly solo or take your friends on board.

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Fly short check-ride flight


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Book slot for your next flights


After our first flight, if you like the plane and are satisfied with your cooperation, you determine your availability. Then we sign the contract and plan your next flights. We usually plan the schedule about a week in advance. Reservations can be made by going to the "Reservations" tab and filling out a short form or by calling us.

Next step - just fly. Clear prop!