Brzeska Wola Airfield - EPBI

Brzeska Wola is located 70 km south of Warsaw, near Białobrzegi. The landing field is registred in airfield registry of Poland - number 159. The landing field is located about 2 km from the "S7" expressway, exit Kamień / Sucha.

There is a  rwy 10/28 775 meters long on the landing field. The runway thresholds are shifted on each side to provide a 3-degree descent path. The runway is marked with white markers on the thresholds and along the runway. The landing field is surrounded by forests 15 meters high, which can give a turbulent effect on the leeward side.
The wind socket is located on the southern side of the landing field, at the height of the hangar; in the vicinity of a transformer station. The hangar is fenced, guarded and monitored.

The landing field is approved for operations according to the VFR regulations. The landing strip is located under the TMA EPWA sector "D". The lower limit of the airspace is 6500 ft. Before landing and take-off - pilot in command have to make sure that the surface of the landing field is in proper condition by calling the operator of the landing field. The decision to take off and landing is made by the commander at his own risk.

Documentations of Brzeska Wola Airfield

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