About company

We have created Fly Poland in response to the dynamically growing demand for light aircraft for rent. From the beginning, our idea was to develop high standards that would allow for fast rental of aircraft to pilot who build their time building efficiently.


Pilots cooperating with us are flying for time building or just for pleasure. Our experience and know how on local market enable to create solid service with attractive prices. We had chance  to cooperate with over 100 pilots from Poland and abroad. More information about us - you will find in recommendations part. 

About us 

Michał Dembiński

Founder & CEO

Michał is reponsible for financial part in our company. He is planning flights schedule. If you want to book a flight, you can call him anytime.

Maciej Serafin

Founder & CEO

Maciej is responsible for PR and marketing in our company. He is glad to help out for technical and operational knowledge during rental.


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Tel: +48 668 157 329 - Michał

Tel: +48 692 995 071 - Maciej

Milewo Airfield (EPMX)

09-110 Sochocin near Płońsk



IBAN PL48114020040000390277856722

Registration data:

Fly Poland S.C.

Dereniowa 2B/2

02-776 Warszawa

VAT: PL9512466574

REGON: 380803842